First Post

My name is Audrey Neale, and I’ve created this blog partly for my Public Relations class, and also because I have a lot of thoughts and opinions I’d like to share with the world – or more realistically: my family, classmates, and teacher, who I anticipate as being my only readers.   Unfortunately it has taken me up until now to finally start a blog.  I’ve bought journals, have email and social networking sites (ie. facebook, twitter) at my disposal – yet I still fail to adequately communicate with people, and fully detail what is going on with me. I fear I have already forgotten exciting adventures, and am unsure what people care about/find interesting, but from this day forth, I will include a weekly post (perhaps daily – if I’m feeling ambitious) and either describe my day; including the trials and tribulations that came along with it… or post random videos, pictures, outfits, film reviews…  Things I learn, stories I hear, people I meet;  all those wonderful experiences will be documented on here. I feel slightly self centered writing this.. a blog devoted entirely to me and the things I do, but hopefully I can keep it interesting!

Download: Icona Pop – I Love It

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