Thoughts on Jenna Marbles

So who doesn’t recognize this girl?

For anyone who doesn’t know her, Jenna Marbles is an internet sensation – (or “star” might be a better word) with 4,300,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her first video “How to Trick People into Thinking Your Good Looking” has had 45 million hits.

She makes celeb parody videos, making fun of stars including:Drake, Nicki Minaj, Snooki, Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber. She rants about different topics, and also makes some clever boy/girl difference videos. Ex. How Boys Pack Their Suitcase, How Girls Pack Their Suitcase, How Boys Drive, How Girls Drive

She’s also responsible for the term ‘White Girl Wasted’ (which is used annoyingly often in my opinion), and as a hashtag #WhiteGirlWasted has over 66,000 pictures on Instagram and is still popular on Twitter.

I think her loud personality is a big part of her appeal.  She is outspoken, funny, swears a lot. She also comes off as genuine; someone who you can relate to and would want to be friends with.

In an interview she did for the YouTube channel ‘PartnersProject’ ( she explains her  goal of bringing up a subject/idea that she wants people to think more about. She studied psychology and says she uses humour to get across a specific message.

She has videos which touch on gay marriage, why girls hate each other, sluts on Halloween etc..

All of her videos have had over a milllion hits, and as a YouTube partner;  she gets paid for making these videos. According to a few sites you either make $1 or $2.50 per 1,000 views (I couldn’t find an exact answer)..

Remember I’m in CreComm, my math skills aren’t the best, but I took her total amount of hits: 773, 738, 626, divided that by 1000 and multiplied that by .78. (The average amount made per 1000 views.)

GIVING ME: $603 516.

That’s a lot.

I admit I do like her. Constantly talking to her dogs can get on my nerves a bit, but I think she’s funny and honest. It’s amazing what she can think of.

Although,  I’ve found her videos weak recently. The topics aren’t overly interesting (she does her boyfriends makeup?) and her swearing can be a bit much. I’m usually the last person to be offended by anything – but it was kind of unnecessary in her latest video and painful to watch. Lately I’ve found her to be… annoying.

I’m sorry.

So, (if anyone reads this) my question is: Is she still funny? Or losing her thunder?


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