American Election

I’m obsessed with the American election.

As a Canadian, I will forever use the excuse: “What happens to them affects me too!” in justifying my degree of dedication; but deep down, I just love the blood sport aspect.

I’ve never been a huge sports fan. Never had one team that I’m committed to cheering for. Never felt the need to spend money on jerseys, or boast about ‘my team’.

But with this election I am starting to understand that level of devotion.

This is a contest.

One with two competitors so different that each side feels they are the best. The answer to America’s problems – the white (or black) knight everyone needs.

Okay, I’m getting a bit dramatic. But I do know what I’m talking about.

I’ve seen every debate, monitored tweets, read every newspaper article (well, most), religiously watch Bill Maher; SNL; The Daily Show, subscribe to multiple news apps, follow the polls etc.

… and it’s all over in 17 days.

There is just something about American elections that fires me up. I feel involved. Like my constant monitoring and re-tweeting of big bird jokes actually makes a difference.

I don’t know why.

When Obama got elected in 2008 I was one of those people with tears in my eyes, feeling as if the world would change. But beyond the election I’m not confident in my knowledge of what has been accomplished. I definitely don’t think Obama is perfect. His job has not been easy, and I am aware of the criticism; him “not doing enough”. In his defense, he has gotten America out of Iraq, introduced Obama-care, created more jobs.

And then there is Mitt Romney; sickeningly wealthy, will say anything to get elected, and apparently has binders full of women? Well for me, the choice is simple.

Why can’t Canadians vote again?

Although none of us can begin to grasp the job of president. How can we? It is the most important job in the world, but it is difficult to know how much power he really has. Why are promises not always carried out? I do realize the obvious obstacles, such as Republicans opposing bills – and I’m sure corporations have a tremendous influence that I can’t fathom the extent of.

The idea of having just two parties battling it out is absurd. It divides the country in such an extreme way. I find with Canada’s 4 main parties (I guess 5, if you count the Green Party) it keeps things more level, and the parties are also a bit more similar; not on such opposite ends of the spectrum. For instance, when you meet someone in Canada it is not so evident which Canadian party they would vote for. Unlike the more obvious Republican vs. Democrat identity.

The scary thing about this election is how close it is. If Obama was leading by a landslide I don’t think everyone would be as obsessive. I’m nervous.

The poll numbers are tight, I could see it going either way.

I can’t wait to see what happens….


2 thoughts on “American Election

  1. Great post…
    I’m torn between the two. I’m with Ron Paul; all this democrat/republican nonsense just ends up tearing America apart.
    If I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I would favor Obama, if only for his health care plan. But, he has been a great disappointment.

  2. Did you take any Pols courses at U of M while you were there, Aud?

    I took Intro (Kieran was in my class, actually) and Canadian Government. I also took International Relations for a month or so and then dropped it because I wasn’t ready for it (3rd year Pols course and I had never taken Pols courses til I signed up for those 3).

    I’m hoping to take the American Gov course in the next couple of years. It seems like an excellent time to take it, what with the political scene lately in the States. You should think about taking some Pols courses if you’re really interested in it!

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