Osborne Village has another restaurant to boast about – Segovia. This Spanish influenced gem provides upscale dining with their small-plate tapas. The restaurant has the reputation of being a Winnipeg must, I’ve heard countless rave reviews and decided it was time to experience it for myself.

I travelled to Spain last year and after visiting Madrid and Barcelona, I was left with a good education on Spanish cuisine and tapas. Designed for sharing, tapas allow eaters to try a variety of different flavours through an array of small dishes. They also tend to be heavy with cured meats, fish, and cheese.

Walking into Segovia was daunting, the interior upheld the fanciness of it’s exterior but was chic and welcoming. Soft coos of The Strokes could be heard as we entered, and interesting steel coat-hooks gave a stylish introduction to the restaurant. We stood awkwardly for a minute while waiting to be greeted; there was no hostess, so we were confused about where to go. When the server came a few minutes later she was gracious, and brought us to a table in the dining room.

The décor was more modern than Spanish, with a black and white colour scheme and hints of brick and wood that added a trendy flare. The dining room was brightly lit, and the limited space made the experience intimate, but not uncomfortable.

The menu had a hefty wine list which ranged from $26 – $100 bottles. I went for a glass of the Albae Esencia 2009 Merlot which was delicious, and my mother enjoyed a glass of Sangria.


The small menu required a few glances, but had accurate Spanish starters listed as ‘tradicionales’ and under ‘neuva cocina’ was a selection of more complex tapas.  All around $15, they sounded good, but were hard to envision. The waitress explained two tapas per person was more or less the equivalent to a normal meal size. We randomly chose three, and a desert.

The chorizo sausage was the first dish to arrive. Served with gala apples and sherry vinegar, the sausage and apples complimented each other surprisingly well. The apples provided sweetness and the sausage gave a salty flavour. The dish set the bar high and left us wanting more.

The Arctic Char a la Plancha came next. With the fish atop a bed of creamed leeks, hints of bacon could be detected in the light romesco sauce. I was amazed me at how well the flavours fused together.


The baked cauliflower was our third choice. Made with a manchego mornay sauce, salsa verde and breadcrumbs, it was delicious. I’m not a cauliflower lover – but the light, creamy sauce tasted nice with it. Pine nuts also added a tasty crunch.

The service was excellent. Our waitress was friendly, refilled our water consistently and took away our empty plates away quickly.

For desert, we went with the dark chocolate torte. Served with pine nut brittle and cardamom ice cream, it did not disappoint. It wasn’t overly sweet and was the perfect ending to a delicious meal. Afterwards I felt satisfied, and not sickeningly full.


I recommend Segovia for a great night out. It is easy to rack up a pricy bill, but the amazing food and atmosphere makes it well worth it.

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