Finally done.

I’ve officially finished my first semester of Cre Comm, and can’t describe the relief I feel. I’ve spent the last few weeks in sheer panic mode; getting little to no sleep, fretting about deadlines. I can finally b r e a t h e.  I also feel like I need a few days to recover. A few days to sleep, get out of the house – sleep some more..

I’m so happy we made it. We, as in my beloved section 2.  I miss them already. We’ve all become avid twitter-ers and bloggers, wrote radio ads and commercials, interviewed people, published articles in The Projector, filmed a fake newscast and basketball game (well, tried), created stories, brochures, news releases; the list goes on. I am amazed at how much we have learned.

Over the break, I plan to work, relax, and go to Ikea as much as I can. I’ve been once already, and loved it. Not for the hype, but it brings back a lot of memories. Their gravlax, (smoked salmon) with honey dill sås is my weakness,  I’ve eaten 3 packages in the past week. Even if I get mercury poisoning I will continue to eat it – it’s that good.  I also recommend eating their pannkakor, (pancakes) which  are easy to heat up and taste great with lingonberry jam. Mums.   The only thing I couldn’t find was hjortonberry jam, I’m not sure the english word, but it’s the most delicious jam in the world. Ah I just googled it, cloudberry?

I’m also leaving to Phoenix on Dec.21 for 10 days, so I’ll have a nice long break and a interesting Christmas with my parents. Being the film buffs that we are, we plan to see Django Unchained on Christmas day and might drive to Sedona if we have time. Maybe I’ll take a few pictures and post them on here.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas!


Here are some pics from The Kings Head with my class!


403375_10152283076860324_1121533326_n 401735_10152283077270324_1810018668_n 65047_10152283073335324_616528630_n 549725_10152283079965324_558391129_n

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