Magical Thinking

Evil in World Religion, a course at the University of Manitoba was by far the most interesting course I’ve ever taken. I often think about questions it raised, and can apply what I learnt to many other aspects in my life.

Tonight, I set out to write a positive blog about my day – not a word came out, so I will write what I feel like discussing, magical thinking. Before I define it, ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you wear a killer’s cardigan?
  • Why are houses where violent crimes are committed destroyed?
  • What makes your special collector items so special?
  • How would you feel if your friend ripped up a picture of your mother?
  • “I was just thinking the same thing!”
  • Why do your lovers germs seem less gross than a strangers?
  • Do you own something “lucky?”
  • Can you tell when someone behind you is looking at you?
  • Why does a drop of sewage do more to a bucket of clean water than a drop of clean water to a bucket of sewage?

Magical thinking is a human behaviour which can be detrimental in putting our minds at ease, yet is an area of study that remains to be poorly understood. Magical thinking is a rudimentary part of our existence, as it provides the justifications that help formulate beliefs and feelings. It influences many aspects of life, including: hygiene, basic differentiation between “good” and “evil”, purification rituals, and even petty day to day inclinations (such as who we choose to associate with; what we eat). We look for patterns as most people hate surprises, and need to feel in control.

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Rookie Magazine

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I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other day when the editor of Rookie Magazine was being interviewed. She is fifteen years old. I hadn’t heard of it prior to the show, and decided to take a look and see what it was all about. Verdict = very creative stuff. It has a happy, 70’s feel to it and a variety of cute, attention grabbing articles.

Website: (Photos from site)

Tips for Copywriters

This video is from Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, and has Mark Du Bois talking a bit about writing copy and how to create a viral video. Obviously, you can’t teach that but he makes interesting points (draws comparisons to the viral nature of the bible, Shakespeare, impacts little details can make and does an interesting exercise where viewers are asked to write as many things in the world they know that are white, and things in the fridge that are white – the number was very similar, proving people are more familiar with things they see often etc.)

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