Nuit Blanche

If you haven’t heard of Nuit Blanche,  I urge you to keep reading.

Before I go off on a tangent about this amazing event, book off September 28th.

Seriously. Do it now.

This event happens only once a year, and trust me, it is worth checking out.

Nuit Blanche is French for “White Night” and refers to an all night art celebration that originated in France. Many cities around the world host a Nuit Blanche event, and Winnipeg began participating a few years ago.

According to the events official website (, it is described as this:

“A Nuit Blanche will typically have museums, private and public art galleries, and other cultural institutions open and free of charge, with the centre of the city itself being turned into a de facto art gallery, providing space for art installations, performances (music, film, dance, performance art), themed social gatherings, and other activities.”

The event occurs in 3 areas of the city: The Exchange, St. Boniface and Downtown.

I went two years ago for the first time, and was blown away. Me and a few friends started off at The Manitoba Museum where they held a 60’s themed cocktail party, along with free entry into the museum. (Obviously I couldn’t resist checking out the ship, or the old town!)  After that we headed to the Cinematheque, where Guy Maddin’s short films he called “Hauntings” were projected on the walls in black and white, underneath white billowy sheets – which I assume were used to pump up the artsy feel. (There was also delicious wine from what I recall. Mega plus.)  On our way out we heard music outside, and went into an alleyway where DJ’s were set up and art pieces that resembled jelly fish hung from the roof. It was really fun, and afterwards we decided to check out the WAG where there was a rooftop party with live bands, projections and music playing loudly inside the gallery. Definitely gave the WAG a different feel than it normally has, somewhat on par with how I imagine a New York artspace to be.

It was great.


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This year there are a lot of interesting events going on, and here some that catch my eye..

(Information taken directly from

Mad Men in Space

“This is the 3rd annual Mad Men theme at The Manitoba Museum for Nuit Blanche. This year the Science Gallery and Planetarium Star Theatre will be the highlight. Visitors are invited to celebrate the event in their best 50s dress. Dance to the music and learn about space exploration.

Cash bar.”

Midnight Choir Event at Old Market Square

“We’ll gather to rehearse two popular songs and perform them at (just about) midnight.

All are welcome to participate and no musical experience is necessary. You provide your voice. We provide lyric sheets and musical accompaniment.”

“u & us pt.2″ – Art Party @ Union Sound Hall

“The ultimate union of art, partying, and participation…

Come see the art that YOU helped create at Graffiti Gallery hung on the walls of Union Sound Hall! Also, check out video projections, visual art, dance performances, live music and DJ sets by some of Winnipeg’s most talented artists! Come contribute your spirit and energy to this bold, colourful, one-of-a-kind event! Together, u & us can create an unforgettable event!!”

Gallery Bike Crawl and Massive Dance Party

“The Rainbow Trout Festival is back again with it’s super popular gallery hopping bike ride! Cycle from place to place with 100s of other art lovers and check out what Nuit Blanche has to offer.

This year’s ride is ending at Union Sound Hall for a MASSIVE DANCE PARTY!!!

It’s all free, and it’s the guaranteed best party in town!”

Take a Chance on Me: The ABBA Sing-Along!

“They were the biggest export from Sweden of the 80′s – bigger than Volvo! With the release of ABBA Gold in ’92, a new generation discovered their catchy pop and disco music. We’re putting together all of their best music videos, cutting in some notable movie and TV appearances and assembling the greatest collection of ABBAtasticness ever! Don’t expect to see many people sitting through this show.”

Short Films

“Silent short films projected on ground floor windows of Artspace create a mysterious atmosphere. Abstract images and ghostly forms flicker in the night….explore your imagination and that of some Manitoba filmmakers including Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin.”

Electric Kool-Aid Almond Test

“Live music, live art performances and street food all night long! Featuring eats by chef Alex Svenne from Bistro 7 1/4, chef Tristan Foucault from Peasant Cookery, chef Ben Kramer from Diversity Food Services and the Deer + Almond crew cooking up street food. Live art performances by Nereo II, Kenneth Lavallee, Natalie Baird and Andrew Courtnage and live music on the rooftop by Micah Erenberg, TJ Blair, Smoki Tyger”

glow-in-the-park(ing lot)

“Created by artists Jaclyn Blumas + Robert Cram.

For the first time reaching for the stars means looking beneath you and viewing the cosmos from above. Mirroring the night sky can help us to reflect upon our contemporary understanding of time and what it means when we bring concepts from outer space into our inner space. Each time we reflect on an idea we refract moments of it in isolation.”

Cool, huh? And again, check out the website for full event listings.

September 28th everyone! Hope to see you guys there.

2 thoughts on “Nuit Blanche

  1. This is exactly the sort of thing that can make someone fall in love with Winnipeg. We have a great artistic integrity in this city and celebrating this community is an absolute must. I’m in!

  2. Winnipeg is awesome. I was a bit confused about what Nuit Blanche all entailed before, so thanks for posting this – definitely want to check it all out!

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