Soul Medicine Pychic Shoppe

A few months ago I went to Soul Medicine Psychic Shoppe to have my tarot cards read.

Visiting a psychic is something that has interested me for a long time, but I’ve always been skeptical of the whole experience – how can someone know such intimate things about people they’ve never met? I find the idea of connecting with spirits, and opening “third eyes” creepy..  also the negative portrayal of psychics in films, and TV shows made my expectations.. erm, low.

We called on Tuesday and made an appointment for the upcoming Thursday, but ironically when we went in, the woman working thought we meant the following Thursday.

Bad sign. (Shouldn’t they have predicted that?)

The place itself was very “whimsical”, it was dark and full of (almost laughable) psychic accessories.  Crystal balls littered the room, incense burned, magic books and oils were on display over dusty shelves.  The woman (I keep calling her woman, but she didn’t give off a psychic vibe and she wasn’t really a secretary?) was able to fit us in right away, luckily.

My mom went first, then me and my grandma were brought into the back room, which felt oddly like the Gryffindor commonplace (sorry, nerdy Harry Potter reference), and we were served biscuits and tea in flowery china teacups.

It was an interesting atmosphere, to say the least.

The deal was 30 minutes for 30 dollars.  A dollar a minute.  As I waited for my turn I felt very perplexed, feeling woozy from the tea – but that was probably my imagination.

My mom came back looking normal, not as if she just received some shocking revelation and said…  “that was good.”

So, it was my turn.  I was introduced to the tarot card reader, Val, and we went into a little tent like room surrounded by sheets, and we sat on either sides of a tiny table.

Now, if you do this – WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. You think you’ll remember, but you won’t. Or record it on your phone even, I don’t think they mind.

I’m recalling this experience from only a few months ago, and I can barely remember what she said.  At first,  I was asked to think of a question. Something I badly wanted answered. I was told to say it in my head, and Val helped me separate the cards into 3 piles. I then chose one pile to work with, and she began with a jolting question for me, which was a bit shocking that she knew.

I answered as vaguely as I could, then she laid out the cards and explained what the structure meant.  Weirdly, what she said pertained to my initial question and also incorporated some current things that were going on my life.

She didn’t say anything too too specific, but it was strange how she was so dead on about a few things. The main message was that I’m on the right path, and there is a lot of travelling in my future. (Woo!) I know this sounds incredibly vague, but I’m just leaving out what she said for my own privacy.

The experience was an equal mix of strange and nice,  it didn’t feel like a hoax.  Also, after talking to my mom and grandma she knew oddly specific things about them as well.

Soul Medicine Psychic Shoppe recently moved locations, (I went to their previous Nairn location) and are now found at 136 Provencher.

It’s not too expensive and I’d say they’re worth checking out.


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