Conventional Thinking = Conventional Results

Have you heard of Ivan Cash?

On his website here is his bio:

“Hi, my name is Ivan.

I’m a San Francisco-based interactive artist and freelance creative who specializes in social projects that inspire radical engagement and participation.

I love sharing my thoughts, ideas, and experiences through giving talks, teaching at Miami Ad School, and collaborating with culture-shaping companies like Facebook and Wieden+Kennedy. 

I’m founder of the Snail Mail My Email project and author of the accompanying book. My work has exhibited internationally, been featured in CNNTIMEWall Street JournalFast Company, and Juxtapoz, and I was recently recognized as an Art Directors Club Young Gun

Nothing would make me happier than if you closed your eyes for 20 seconds and just listened to your breath.”

I stumbled upon a lecture that Ivan Cash did about his creative work, entitled: “Take Risks, Break Rules, and Kick Ass.”

It inspires me.  He says some VERY interesting things, and has a creative, inspirational past.

Check out his work. >

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