What Ibiza Is Really Like

You’ve heard the Pitbull songs.

I’m talking about Ibiza, Spain.

Ibiza is a small island off the coast of Valencia that is known for its nightlife and crazy clubs.

I can attest to that.

I backpacked around Europe with my best friend in 2011 and we decided that Ibiza was a must see. Plus, we’d be there for my 20th birthday.


I should mention that backpacking can be very hard on you.  We tried to visit as many places as we could, in a very short time span.  “Doing” Rome and Prague in two days is not nearly long enough, and carrying around a heavy load on your back while trying to get help from non-English speakers can be, erm, tough. But, don’t get me wrong – I love travelling more than anything else.

So we eventually made it to Spain.  First we visited Barcelona, then Valencia, and from there we took a ferry to Ibiza. Before going you have to decide what side of the island you want to stay on, either San Antonio or Playa D’en Bossa. We didn’t know the difference and heard San Antonio was more of a party spot, so we decided to go there and stay at Hostel Roca.

When me and my friend Jasmine arrived, it was around 8 pm on a Friday –  peak drinking time.  It was a surreal experience. People in their late teens and mid twenties were about the only people we saw. There were no kids, and definitely no one over 30. Everyone looked… like a party animal. Basically every girl I saw looked like they were from a Ke$ha video, with a painted face and little to no clothing.  I remember seeing one girl wearing full leopard body paint with glittery angel wings. Everyone was drinking in the street, screaming and singing, and no one batted an eye – this was the norm here.

The island was beautiful, with beaches everywhere and leafy palm trees scattered about the roads.  Daytime in Ibiza is very serene, mostly people lounge around the beaches or eat hangover food in the shade and take advantage of siestas (afternoon naps). There was a main bus depot in the middle of San Antonio that took you all around the island so you could check out one of their many beaches.

A beach we went to.

We discovered that you had to buy nightclub tickets at stores in San Antonio before going or prices were jacked up at the door, and the cheapest tickets here were 60 EUR ($80 Canadian ish), and went up to 150 EUR. Ouch. I think I naively thought that we’d get deals for being “girls” but that wasn’t the case.

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Target Hits the Mark?

On a glorious Monday around 10:00, I embarked on a journey. I went to Target Canada. Target Southdale to be specific, plastered on the edge of a blistery strip mall in Winnipeg.

I remember the first time I ever went to Target; I was a little late to hop on the bandwagon and first walked through their red doors in late 2011.  I went to the Grand Forks location, and afterwards I decided that it was a great place to shop with surprisingly nice clothes. I ended up buying a bathing suit and a few tops. Target had a lot of good deals, but keep in mind that the States is cheaper in general. (Or was.. what’s our dollar at again?)

So fast forward to last year when I found out that Winnipeg would be replacing its dying Zellers stores with multiple Target franchises.  I first went on opening day and joined the masses into the chaos.  Strangely enough, me and most people I talked to all disliked the store, claiming it wasn’t what we expected – but unable to put our finger on why.

This specific Monday morning wasn’t very busy.  I noticed a few mothers with their children, a few old men who seemed to enjoy just walking around, and some early morning grocery shoppers who lazily pushed around their carts in search of a good deal.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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