Visualize This

PART 1: I’m going to describe an image, and if you’re reading, please try to visualize it in your mind.

This photograph is one that vividly uses colour and lighting to capture a certain exterior that showcases the true beauty of the natural world. It looks as if this was taken late at night due to the swirling violet sky, and the extreme lightness near the bottom of the photograph suggests the sun is just beginning to rise.

This photo consists of a large tree that appears to be an oak or cherry blossom in the very center, supporting a small tire swing whose height is equal to about one third of the shot. The swing is strategically placed in the peak of the light, almost white patch of brightness, making it very sharp and easy to make out. The area of brightness also begins to disperse into a few wisps of clouds to the left of the tree. In the bottom right hand corner there are two figures that are merely silhouettes, making it hard to determine their gender and age, though it is clear they are in a sprint heading toward the tree. They are prodding along grass which vary in short length throughout the picture, yet seem to have their heads high with their eyes fixed on their destination.

The sky is a very intense sight as it drastically changes in hues, exhibiting patches of pink, yellow, purple, and soft blue. The whole shot is a serene wash of blending colour, and the tree and running figures tend to hold your gaze with curiosity. The layout is extremely simplistic and pleasing to the eye, though the tree is very intricate in the sense that its branches are scattered and unique in shape with small buds or leaves spurting out in all directions.

The deep purple at the top of the photograph blends in to the top branches making it hard to see where the tree actually ends, and the illusion of the tree growing beyond the frame in a limitless sense is thrust upon us. The assumption can be made that it is spring time as there is still life on the trees branches even though it doesnʼt appear to be fully in bloom, and grass is still visible as bodies in light clothing litter the shot. If one didnʼt know this was a photograph it could appear to be an illustration or painting, as everything is very one dimensional and angled straight toward the camera.

Screen Shot 2014-03-08 at 12.03.52 PM

PART 2: Is there any meaning behind this photo?

This photograph is visually very stimulating and despite the appealing colours and frozen movement, there is much to unearth behind itʼs abstract simplicity. Firstly, it is impossible to not assume the two murky figures in the corner of the frame are children, seemingly boys due to their extremely short hair. They have clear drive and excitement spilling out of them, and their desire to reach the tree is almost palpable.

It is impossible not to wonder what will happen next to the kids in this image, and youthful visuals of playful fun tends to be the first thing that comes to mind. It is curious to ponder over their relationship as well, could they be siblings? Where the older one, this guess is based on the slight height difference between the two, is leading in an elderly fashion to a spot he often goes at night, maybe despite his parents wishes? Or could they simply be friends who are looking for a little late night adventure?

This is a very hopeful photograph as a light is shining on the tree and on the boys, as if to guide them and prevent any harm from ever coming and ruining the displayed moment. The tree is also the only object in sight and it must have been intentional to frame the picture this way so your focus is completely on the overbearing tree, and not distracted by any other background noise.

I really like this picture since it is easy to look at, and elating in the sense that itʼs nothing more than a purely joyous scene. The photograph also seems very relatable to most people as it can trigger memories of rebellion, sheer fun, or just being with a close friend from the past.

It is interesting to note that trees take hundreds of years to grow and reach their maximum height potential, and the children who have graced the earth for a significantly shorter period of time are completely unaware of this, and are only interested in the tire swing and heightening their own pleasure. They are currently basking in a beautiful scenic moment yet are still too immature to realize it, which is somewhat of a commentary about life and how you can only appreciate it from an outward, almost envious viewpoint.


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