No Regrets?

As John Lennon put it, “life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Yes, this line is a bit cliché. Although, the more I think about it, the more I’m realizing that this is true.

I’m a bit hesitant to write about anything too personal. Blogging can tread the thin line between ‘insightful/personal anecdote’ and diary entry. I don’t want this to be a diary, so I’ll attempt to keep it brief.

I think it’s funny how when you’re little, you have this fantasy of what you want to be when you “grow up”, how many kids you want to have, how old you want to be when you get married, what your house will look like, etc. Okay, this might be a girl thing.. but it just feels like everything will fall into place one day.

Little do you know – it’s not that easy.

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Everyone’s Alone In Their World

“How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn’t have any substance after all?

Like when you’ve split up with someone, and you try to communicate the way you feel, because you need to say the words, need to feel that somebody understands just how pissed off and frightened you feel. The problem is, they never do. “Plenty more fish in the sea,” they’ll say, or “You’re better off without them,” or “Do you want some of these potato chips?” They never really understand, because they haven’t been there, every day, every hour. They don’t know the way things have been, the way that it’s made you, the way it has structured your world. They’ll never realise that someone who makes you feel bad may be the person you need most in the world. They don’t understand the history, the background, don’t know the pillars of memory that hold you up. Ultimately, they don’t know you well enough, and they never can. Everyone’s alone in their world, because everybody’s life is different. You can send people letters, and show them photos, but they can never come to visit where you live.

Unless you love them. And then they can burn it down.”

– Michael Marshall Smith, Only Forward


Insatiable Appetite

“All my life one of my greatest desires has been to travel-to see and touch unknown countries, to swim in unknown seas, to circle the globe, observing new lands, seas, people, and ideas with insatiable appetite, to see everything for the first time and for the last time, casting a slow, prolonged glance, then to close my eyes and feel the riches deposit themselves inside me calmly or stormily according to their pleasure, until time passes them at last through its fine sieve, straining the quintessence out of all the joys and sorrows.”

– Nikos Kazantzakis