Simple Svenska!

I’m definitely not an expert, I might not be qualified to give lessons but hopefully I can explain the basics in a way that makes sense to English speakers.

When I first began, I was overwhelmed by how the letters looked. Here is a passage of Swedish:

“Sitter med en kaffe och kom precis in från en morgonpromenad…Det regnade snöslask på mig! Uhh! Kan nog inte beskriva hur glad jag är att jag har min resa bokad och idag är det exakt en månad kvar tills jag åker!”

I know what you you’re thinking… what the heck does that say!

The only thing that is different about that than the English alphabet is that they have 3 extra letters:

1) å       (pronounced “Ohhaa” but keep your lips rounded when you say it)

2) ä      (pronounced like “eeh” as in bed)

3) ö     (pronounced like “urr”)

Next, another main thing that is different from English is that all the J’s sound like English Y’s. And the Y sounds like Y so an English J sound doesn’t exist.

For example, the name Johan is  pronounced Yohan.

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